Inaugural Ball
Pepperell Elementary Holds an Inaugural Ball
Posted on 01/23/2009
The disco ball is in place, the red, white and blue stars are hung and the “first family” is ready to take the stage for the Pepperell Elementary School’s Inaugural Ball held on Friday, January 23, 2009. The students at PES are celebrating the nation’s newly elected President with a festive “ball” where students dress in their finest attire (blue jeans to black tie) and enjoy food, fun, and festive music! A brass ensemble from Pepperell High School, under the direction of Mr. Bob Steelnack, begins the event with their rendition of “Hail to the Chief” as the students arrive in the gym after school for the event. 

Sain Alanis, a PES student portraying President Elect Barack Obama, will address the students joined by Madi Wolfe, a PES student, portraying the new first lady. These fifth grade Kaleidoscope students were elected to serve as the Democratic Presidential Nominee and his wife during the Kaleidoscope students’ “Road to the White House” unit studied in the fall. After learning about America’s election process, the fourth and fifth grade Kaleidoscope students presented a “mock election” for the entire student body as their culminating project, complete with campaigning on the daily morning news shows, speeches from both Republican and Democratic candidates, registration of all students, and campaign posters displayed throughout the school halls. On election day, the students came to the “polls” in the computer lab during part of their activity for that day and voted for their candidate of choice. 

Not only will this be a lasting memory for all of the students during this historical election year, it will also serve as a fund raiser to help cover transportation costs for students to attend the King Tut Exhibit in Atlanta at the Atlanta Museum of Fine Arts. All PES 4th and 5th grade students will have an opportunity to view the King Tut Exhibit this spring. Complimentary tickets were obtained for the 500 students by Mrs. Kathy Steinbruegge, principal or Pepperell Elementary, and Mrs. Linda Franklin, 4th grade teacher at PES. The two were one of the first to requesting the “first come, first served” tickets offered by the organization at The tickets are normally $15/student, but were obtained, at their request and at no cost for all students at PES. In order to raise funds for the transportation costs (approximately $3,400), PES’ Kaleidoscope teacher, Ms. Judy Rigas, suggested the idea of hosting the Inaugural Ball. Rigas said, “The students are very excited to be able to celebrate this historical election year with a festive party complete with patriotic, sequined top hats, strands of pearls, good food, and lots of fun and fellowship! It will be a great way to celebrate with our nation and help raise money for this extraordinary opportunity to view this ‘once in a lifetime’ exhibit in Atlanta!”