Journalist Writes about TribeFest
Student Journalist Writes about TribeFest
Posted on 11/08/2010
Katherine Clonts, a junior at Armuchee High School and a student in Mrs. Mowery’s journalism class, will have a story featured in an upcoming edition of Young Roman in the Rome News. The Young Roman is a part of the Rome News publication each Tuesday. Clonts is the editor of the Armuchee High school newspaper The Tribe Tribune. The publication is a student-written, student-designed newspaper publishing seven issues throughout the school year. Clonts has been on the staff of The Tribe Tribune for three years. 

Tribal Festivities
By Katherine Clonts
A student writer in Mrs. Mowery’s journalism class at Armuchee High School

On October 23, the Armuchee community enjoyed the crisp October weather while rallying support for the tribe at Tribefest. Members of the Indian community perused the many fundraising booths for must-have items. With 78 degree weather and blue skies all day, the head count came in over expectations and over previous years. With an estimated 500 people in attendance throughout the day, jewelry, clothing, woodcarving, boo grams, pocket books and other items sold quickly. National Honor Society Coordinator and literature teacher Leigha Burnham said, “Tribefest has been a very good opportunity for our organization. We were able to set up our fall fundraiser and get support of parents and community members who wouldn't be a part of NHS otherwise.” NHS earned approximately $450.00 on an item that was selling for $2.00. “Our success comes from such an outstanding community,” says Burnham.

In addition to the games, food, and fun, around 400 students performed on Saturday. The Glenwood, Armuchee Elementary, Middle, and High school choruses sang throughout the day. The Armuchee High Chorus Director Nancy Boehm said, “The AHS chorus did well for an outdoor performance at the beginning of the year. As the year progresses, though, each performance will get better and better. The students have learned a lot about singing correctly and beautifully so far, but there is much more we will do to perfect all the music we sing this year.” A sophomore in attendance Austin Adams said, “Several of the songs were difficult and I was impressed by how great they sounded.”

“The support for AHS in our community is outstanding,” says Burnham, “With all of the great food, creative booths, interesting artists, talented performances, and school spirit, the day is just one big ball of fun. Who wouldn’t love it?”