Honors for CO2 powered golf cart
College & Career Academy student earns honors for CO2 powered golf cart
Posted on 10/25/2010
Chase Irvin, a senior at Floyd County Schools College & Career Academy, was recently recognized for his entry in the Transportation Modeling Challenge at the Georgia State Fair in Perry, Georgia. Irvin, also a student at Coosa High School, was recognized on stage during the competition by Austin Vest, president of the Georgia State Technical Student Association. Irvin along with eight other students from the Robotics and Engineering Class at the College & Career Academy competed in five different events. Students from all across Georgia competed in the Modeling Challenge. For Irvin’s entry, he designed and built a CO2 powered golf cart model. Irvin’s golf cart placing tenth from the more than one hundred entries from across the state. This is the first year of the Technical Student Association Chapter, TSA, at the College and Career Academy. Ronnie Pajor is the instructor of the Robotics and Engineering program at the College & Career Academy.