SCRABBLE® National Championship
Armuchee Elementary SCRABBLE® teams compete in National Championship
Posted on 04/12/2010
The Armuchee SCRABBLE® Club team traveled to Orlando, Florida over the weekend to participate in the National School SCRABBLE® Championship. The SCRABBLE® contest was for students in grades 5-8 and drew participants from all over the US and Canada. The young word aficionados vied for a $10,000 top prize at the annual National School SCRABBLE® Championship (NSSC) at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. The team of Matthew Wall and Saabiq Dewan, students at Armuchee Elementary, placed 47th in the competition to finish in the top 50 in North America. 

According to the NSSC website, the program has seen over a million kids participate in over 20,000 schools nationwide and is an innovative teaching tool that helps kids with spelling, vocabulary, math, dictionary use and more. The 2010 SCRABBLE® Championship featured 100 teams of two playing six preliminary rounds over two days, followed by a final match. 

This is the fourth year Armuchee Elementary students have participated in the SCRABBLE® Club and the second year the group has competed in the National School SCRABBLE® Championship. “We were very proud of our team that had a top 50 finish and our other two teams that placed 66th and 82nd., “ stated Judy Myers, teacher and club sponsor at Armuchee Elementary. “All three of these finishes are improvements from our competition last year because we learned so much from the experience a year ago.” The team of Jamie Rhinehart and Lindsey Hamby placed 66th. The duo of Scott Reynolds and Justin Kim finished 82nd.

Judy Myers and her students are looking forward to a year of playing and learning in preparation for another shot at the championship in 2011. “Our first year teams paved the way for this year’s group to be more successful in the championship,” Myers commented. “Who knows what next year will bring.”