Locate Your School District & Bus Stop
Bus Stop and District SearchAll Floyd County Schools attendance areas and bus stops can be determined by using a web tool on this website. All you will need is your home address to find out which primary, elementary, middle or high school serves that particular address. 

The web tool to find a school district/bus stop by address is available at:
School District & Bus Stop Search
  • The web page will provide you with a field to type in a street number and a field for the street name.
  • Do not type both the number and name in the same field box.
  • If you type the first few letters of the street name, a drop-down menu will list street names in the system that begin with the letters you have typed into the field. 
  • If you do not immediately see a listing, please click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the box. You can then select your street with the correct zip code from the drop-down list. 
  • Select a "All Schools" in the third selection box. 
  • The system will use the street number and name to find schools serving that address along with the bus stop information. 
If you do not find what you need on the website, please contact Jennifer Peppers, Regular Bus Routing Coordinator at 706-234-1031 ext.7213.