Bad weather conditions forecasted
Cancellations due to bad weather conditions forecasted for tonight
Posted on 01/29/2010
Floyd County Schools has canceled all athletic activities for this evening with the exception of Model High’s wrestling team’s participation in a tournament in Bowdon, Georgia. The cancellations are due to icy weather conditions forecasted for this evening. The Model High wrestling team was already scheduled to spend the night in Bowdon and not return to the Rome area tonight so the team was allowed to travel this afternoon. The Model High wrestling team will monitor conditions in the Rome area before returning home on Saturday. The team is prepared to spend another night in Bowdon, if travel conditions are still questionable on Saturday afternoon. 

Local Emergency Management officials have informed the school system that ½ inch or more of ice could accumulate on the roads this evening between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. In addition, light snow could fall on top of accumulated ice. School system officials are concerned with participants in the activities having to travel home on secondary roads after games this evening. 

All Saturday activities are still scheduled at this time just in case the icy weather conditions forecasted for tonight do not materialize. The decision related to Saturday games will be made on Saturday morning.

All after-school care at primary and elementary schools will continue as scheduled for this afternoon.