2006 Teacher of the Year
Heather Willis is Selected Floyd County's Top Teacher

Heather WillisHeather Willis, the science lab teacher at Cave Spring Elementary School , was named the 2006 Floyd County Schools "Teacher of the Year" at the October 11, 2005 meeting of the Floyd County Board of Education. Mrs. Willis teaches science to kindergarten through fifth grade children in Cave Spring. Willis welcomes each day as an opportunity to pass on her passion for science to the children she teaches. She said, "I want to get kids excited about science by promoting active learning in my classroom where the children are an active part of their education - inquiring and seeking answers for themselves." 

Heather Willis was selected as the top teacher from three finalists for the system honor. The three finalists were: Angela Lacey, a math teacher at Coosa High School , Apryl Hawkins, a language arts teacher at Pepperell High School , and Willis. The finalists were selected by a review committee from the Northwest Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA.) The committee made the selections from written applications submitted by the "Teacher of the Year" representatives from each school in the Floyd County School System. 

Mrs. Willis was selected as "Teacher of the Year" by a panel of retired educators from the Rome/Floyd Retired Teachers Association. The three finalists participated in personal interviews and classroom observations as a part of the selection process. Mrs. Willis received $500.00, a plaque for her classroom, and a "Teacher of the Year" commemorative apple from the Northwest Georgia Credit Union. Each finalist also received $100.00 from Northwest Georgia Credit Union. 

Heather Willis has been teaching for 7 years. She spent her first four years at Coosa Middle School and has spent the last 3 years at Cave Spring Elementary. 

Willis uses music as a part of her formula for success in teaching science to young children. “I have found that putting a science concept to music helps children to remember so I make up little songs about a lesson we are studying,” Willis said. “I see the children singing the songs to themselves during test and usually they will get those questions related to the songs right on the tests.” 

Heather Willis will now represent the Floyd County School System in the Georgia Teacher of the Year program. The Georgia "Teacher of the Year" will be announced by the Georgia Department of Education in the spring. 

Teachers honored as individual school "Teachers of the Year" at the October meeting were: Debra Hall, Alto Park Elementary; Vivian Johnson, Armuchee Elementary; Tishanna McClure Defoor, Armuchee High; Tiffany Bobo, Armuchee Middle; Heather Willis, Cave Spring Elementary; Angela Lacey, Coosa High; Sarah St. Clair, Coosa Middle; Rob Boice, Floyd County Education Center; Hillari Knight, Floyd County Technical High; Lisa Brewer, Garden Lakes Elementary; Joan Little, Glenwood Primary; Denise Newby, Johnson Elementary; Sarah Durrett, McHenry Primary; April Cummings, Midway Primary; Pam Payton, Model Elementary; Terri Samuelson, Model High; Justin Castile, Model Middle; Margie Hunnicutt, Pepperell Primary; Patricia Sweezy, Pepperell Elementary; Apryl Hawkins, Pepperell High; and Carla Clemones, Pepperell Middle.