2005 Teacher of the Year
Allien McNair is Honored as Floyd County's Top Teacher

Allien McNairAllien McNair, a special education teacher at Armuchee Elementary School, was named the 2005 Floyd County Schools "Teacher of the Year" at the October meeting of the Floyd County Board of Education. Mr. McNair teaches a self-contained special education class where he works with children with behavioral challenges that keep them from being successful in a regular classroom. McNair's goal is to teach so well that he is no longer needed. "My mission is to not only teach academic skills but to give my students the personal skills that will allow them to function in the regular classroom so that they will not need to come to my class," he said. "I want to work myself out of a job." 

Allien McNair was selected as the top teacher from three finalists for the system honor. The three finalists were: Robina Gallagher, a 7th grade Life Science teacher at Armuchee Middle School, Amber Godfrey, a math teacher at Coosa Middle School, and McNair. The finalists were selected by a review committee from the Northwest Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA.) The committee made the selections from written applications submitted by the "Teacher of the Year" representatives from each school in the Floyd County School System. 

Mr. McNair was selected as "Teacher of the Year" by a panel of retired educators after the three finalists participated in personal interviews and classroom observations. Mr. McNair received $500.00, a plaque for his classroom door, and a "Teacher of the Year" commemorative apple from the Northwest Georgia Credit Union. Each finalist also received $100.00 from Northwest Georgia Credit Union.

Allien McNair has been teaching for 12 years and has spent the last 2 years at Armuchee Elementary. Mr. McNair has a special connection to his students because he was a special education student himself. He understands the struggles that his children face each day. McNair was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the third grade. "This was at a time when very few people knew what that meant," stated McNair. He struggled a few more years and was finally placed in special education classes when he was in the fifth-grade. "I hated school when I was a child," McNair said. "I use my school experience and the difficulties that I had as a child to motivate me as a teacher to make learning interesting and to let each child know that he or she is special." 

Allien McNair will now represent the Floyd County School System in the Georgia Teacher of the Year program. The Georgia "Teacher of the Year" will be announced by the Georgia Department of Education in March.

Teachers honored as individual school "Teachers of the Year" at the October meeting were: Rhonda Smith Jones, Alto Park Elementary; Tammy Boston, Armuchee High; Robina Gallagher, Armuchee Middle; Edith Howington, Cave Spring Elementary; Sarah Young, Coosa High; Amber Godfrey, Coosa Middle; Sarah Kinney Maddox, Floyd County Education Center; Paula Poulicek, Floyd County Technical High; Samuel Babb, Garden Lakes Elementary; Renee` Gilreath, Glenwood Primary; Aimee Hays, Johnson Elementary; Jana Mathis, McHenry Primary; Jason Smith, Midway Primary; Kelly Moore, Model Elementary; Melissa Green, Model High; Lorrie Barnette, Model Middle; Laverne Pruitt, Pepperell Primary; Sheilah Shealy., Pepperell Elementary; Evelyn Jones, Pepperell High; and Judy LeRoy, Pepperell Middle.