Duke University program
Duke University program recognizes academic talent of Floyd students
Posted on 04/22/2013
The Duke University 4th-6th Grade Talent Search for 2013 has honored 38 students from Floyd County Schools for their academic talent. The program identifies students across the nation who have scored in the 95th percentile on a grade-level achievement test, aptitude test, mental-ability test, approved state criterion-referenced test, or 125 or above on an IQ test. 

Students selected to participate in the Duke TIP program are provided with learning opportunities in a Duke summer program at Duke University or online. Students are also offered participation in writing contests and the opportunity to take EXPLORE testing through Duke.  The above-level EXPLORE testing provides insight into an individual student's academic abilities by providing measures in English, math reading and science.     

Floyd County students invited to participate in the 2013 Duke TIP 4th-6th Grade Talent Search this year include:
Alto Park
  • Daisy Packer-  4th grade
Cave Spring
  • Hannah Moore-  4th grade
  • Noah Cole-  5th grade
  • John Googe - 5th
  • Kara Middleton - 5th
Armuchee Elementary
  • Lucas Baker - 4th grade
  • Hannah Dellis - 4th
  • Gabe Kozelle - 4th
Johnson Elementary
  • Eli Abdou - 4th grade
  • Zachary Nelson - 4th
  • Elbert John Roberson - 4th
  • Tristen Sprayberry - 4th
  • Logan Angle - 5th grade
  • Aaron Bartleson - 5th
  • Abbie Bohannon - 5th
  • Dylan Diprima - 5th
  • Evalyn Edwards - 5th
  • Connor Gunnell- 5th
  • Robert Hughbanks - 5th
  • McKinley Vaughn - 5th
Model Elementary
  • Jayden Boswell - 4th grade
  • Trinity Chapman - 4th
  • Ashton Fox - 4th
  • Coppi Durden - 5th
  • Kyle Henderson - 5th grade
  • Daulton Waddell - 5th
Pepperell Elementary
  • Connor Arrington - 4th grade
  • Jacob Bynum - 4th
  • Eva Ellenburg - 4th
  • John Goggans - 4th
  • Isabella McCauley - 4th
  • Drake Miller - 4th
  • Lauren York - 4th
  • Mattie Blalock - 5th grade
  • Hannah Edwards - 5th
  • Madelyn Johnson - 5th
  • Lindsey Johnson - 5th
  • William Lehr - 5th 
These students will be recognized at the Floyd County Association for Academic Excellence (FCAAE) booster club meeting on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in the board room at the central office building on Riverside Parkway.