2013 CRCT Egg Bowl Challenge
Armuchee Middle wins 2013 CRCT Egg Bowl Challenge
Posted on 03/29/2013
This is the image for the news article titled Armuchee Middle wins 2013 CRCT Egg Bowl ChallengePhoto: Hunter Westmoreland races an egg back to his Armuchee Middle team.

Armuchee Middle School has won the fifth annual CRCT Egg Bowl, an exciting academic competition hosted each year by Armuchee Middle School. This year, Armuchee took on students from Pepperell Middle School in the fun event that is physically and academically challenging.  The Egg Bowl was held Friday, March 29 at 10:00 a.m. at North Floyd Park and The Church at Northside.  

Students in Floyd County Schools will take the CRCT in the next few weeks and the bowl is an emotionally charged activity to get the students excited about something that does not usually excite middle school 
children - tests. Teachers and students at Armuchee Middle and Pepperell Middle used the egg bowl to get their hearts pumping, energy flowing and brain power stimulated. 

The CRCT Egg Bowl is a combination egg hunt and academic quiz competition. Teams from the two schools collected approximately 2,000 plastic eggs from the field during the event. Each egg contained a question for the students to answer.  The schools divided into teams of eight to 10 students. Kids in the teams then took turns sending one team member out to collect an egg.  The egg is brought back to the group, opened and the questions answered.  Questions in the eggs are similar to those that will be asked on the CRCT. The school teams gather the eggs and receive points, if they accurately answer the questions inside. The field at North Floyd Park was littered with blue and red eggs. Blue eggs earn a team one point for their school while red eggs subtracted a point from the rival school’s team. The eggs contained social studies, English, math and science questions. 

With Armuchee Middle's win, the school regained the Egg Bowl Trophy won by Pepperell Middle last year.   

2013 AMS Egg Bowl
Photo:  Travis Smith and Anna McBurnett of Armuchee Middle huddle to answer a question.