Title 1 Distinguished Status
Floyd County schools earn Title 1 Distinguished status
Posted on 01/21/2011
Eight (8) Title 1 schools in the Floyd County School System have been recognized as Title 1 Distinguished Schools this year by the Georgia Department of Education. The purpose of the Title 1 Recognition and Distinguished Schools program is to recognize and honor those Title 1 elementary and secondary schools that make adequate yearly progress three or more consecutive years. Floyd County schools earning Title 1 Distinguished status are: Alto Park Elementary, Cave Spring Elementary, Garden Lakes Elementary, McHenry Primary, Midway Primary, Pepperell Elementary, Pepperell High and Pepperell Primary.

State School Superintendent John Barge named 868 Georgia Title I Distinguished Schools late Thursday. “These schools have shown that high expectations, hard work and collaboration do improve student achievement,” said Barge. “I’m so pleased to recognize the educators, students and parents in these schools and school districts.”

Garden Lakes Elementary has met the criteria for the most consecutive years with ten-years meeting AYP and eight-years in Distinguished status. Cave Spring Elementary is a close second with nine-years meeting AYP and seven-years Distinguished. The schools receive a monetary award based on the number of years meeting the criteria. Alto Park, McHenry, Pepperell Primary, and Pepperell Elementary, have each attained AYP for eight-years and Distinguished status for six-years. 

Schools and the monetary awards they will receive are:
  • Garden Lakes Elementary - 10 years making AYP $1,113
  • Cave Spring Elementary - 9 years making AYP $1,113
  • McHenry Primary - 8 years making AYP $742
  • Alto Park Elementary - 8 years making AYP $742
  • Pepperell Primary - 8 years making AYP $742
  • Pepperell Elementary - 8 years making AYP $742
  • Midway Primary - 8 years making AYP $742
  • Pepperell High School - 7 years making AYP $742
“I am delighted by this recognition for our schools because consistent, quality performance over time is the mark of a quality school and a successful school system,” said Dr. Lynn Plunkett, superintendent of Floyd County Schools. “The students, parents, teachers of the Title 1 schools are to be commended for their consistent quality of instruction and for earning this recognition of achievement.” The Title I Distinguished Schools Program is a joint project of the National Association of State Title I Directors (NASTID) and the U.S. Department of Education. The Title 1 Distinguished Schools Recognition Program was established as part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.