CMS wins annual Quiz Bowl
Coosa Middle wins annual Quiz Bowl
Posted on 02/15/2011

Coosa Middle School is the 2011 Academic Quiz Bowl middle school champions for Floyd County Schools. Coosa Middle won two of the three middle school grade level competitions to take the middle school title. The Academic Quiz Bowl is a county-wide academic competition that was held on Tuesday, February 15 at Shorter University. 

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade gifted students across the county participated in the Middle School Quiz Bowl. This is the ninth year students have competed at the middle school level. Middle school students compete in the academic areas of math, literature, vocabulary, science, history, and geography. The Quiz Bowl began ten years ago with students at the elementary level. 

Coosa Middle was the overall winner in the Floyd County Schools Kaleidoscope Academic Quiz Bowl competition with 1,450 total points. Armuchee Middle finished a close second with 1,190 points, Model Middle placed third with 1,120 points and Pepperell Middle was fourth with 955. The middle school competition also divides the competitors into grade levels. Coosa Middle finished in first place in the sixth and eight grade divisions. Armuchee Middle School took the seventh grade division title. 

The Quiz Bowl competitions were started to promote student academic growth in problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills, and advanced research skills. The activities also promote leadership and provide motivation for students to excel in academics. The Quiz Bowls are local school system events with no region or state competitions. McCall Govignon, coordinator of advanced academic programs for Floyd County Schools, sees this type of academic program as setting the stage for high school academic competitions. Govignon said, “This is a great event for our gifted students that exposes them to the college atmosphere at Shorter University and it prepares them for participating in Academic Decathlon competitions at the high school level.”