Second Annual Safe Driving Expo
PHS SADD group plans second annual Safe Driving Expo
Posted on 03/18/2011

Pepperell High’s SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club has announced plans for their second annual Rome/Floyd County Safe Driving Expo scheduled for Saturday, April 2, 2011. The Safe Driving Expo will be held in the parking lot of Kmart on Hicks Drive from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The program will seek to bring awareness of the dangers of distractions while driving to teens and adults in the area. The SADD group specifically works to get teens and young drivers involved in the supervised demonstrations. Admission to the Safe Driving Expo is free and every age driver is encouraged to participate. 

Among demonstrations available for participants in the Safe Driving Expo will be a texting while driving obstacle course and driving a special course while wearing special glasses that simulate the effects of intoxication on the senses. Educating drivers is the major focus for the day. Education through hands-on experience will be provided in the various booths available for participants. Booths include: Eighteen wheeler blind spot demonstration, a roll-over simulator, driving simulators and a variety of driving courses that will test drivers in dealing with distractions such as a cell phone ringing, a loud radio, people talking to them, a ball rolling in front of the car, and more. “We want drivers to realize that they are driving a 3,000+ pound vehicle and that’s all they should be doing,” said Alana Ellenburg, PHS SADD advisor and Driving Expo Coordinator. “We want to show drivers in a controlled situation that multi-tasking is never good while driving.” 

The PHS SADD club has been active in encouraging teens to be aware of the affects destructive decisions can have on their future. The group was awarded a $2,000 highway safety grant by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in the fall of 2009 and has won 1st place in the Coosa Valley Fair for their exhibit The Effects of Prescription Drugs. “I think that the Safe Driving Expo is an excellent way to make teens realize how dangerous a vehicle can be,” said Lacy Shaw, a senior at Pepperell High. “Also, it teaches teens how dangerous distractions can be while they are driving a vehicle.” Pepperell sophomore Ashtyn Johnston agreed. Johnston said, “The Safe Driving Expo is important because it shows people who are either just starting to drive or who have been driving for many years that distractions on the road like driving under the influence or texting can really affect a person’s ability to drive safely.”

The SADD group has tremendous community support for the Safe Driving Expo. Community and business sponsors and participants include: Courtesy Ford Lincoln Mercury; Amanda Corbin Allstate Insurance; Floyd Against Drugs, Fear This, Inc.; Floyd County Emergency Management; Floyd County Police; Floyd County Schools; Floyd County Sheriff’s Department; Floyd County EMS; Floyd Healthcare Foundation; Georgia Army National Guard; Georgia State Patrol; Governor’s Office of Highway Safety; Kiwanis Club of Rome; Kmart; Lloyd’s Wrecker Service; No Zone Truck; Pepperell High School; Pinecrest Golf Carts; Rome News Tribune; Rome Police Department; Rome/Floyd Fire Rescue; SADD Students Against Destructive Decisions; Safe America Foundation; Q102; 93.5 Life FM; WRGA; MAGJL 1360; SportsPlus Custom Screen Printing; and Verizon Wireless.