FCS and Shorter form a partnership
Floyd County Schools and Shorter form a partnership to improve math and science instruction
Posted on 04/15/2011

Floyd County Schools and Shorter University have received a grant from the Georgia Department of Education that will fund professional development training for teachers of mathematics (grades 3-12) and science (grades 6-12). The $598,810 Math/Science Partnership Grant is the largest awarded by the Georgia Department of Education this year.

Through this partnership, Floyd County Schools and Shorter will provide three weeks of workshops during the summer that will focus on improving math and science instruction. Math and science faculty members at Shorter University will provide the in-depth, hands-on training at the university's state-of-the-art School of Nursing. The partnership will continue throughout the school year as teachers participate in online collaboration and Professional Learning Communities.

Dr. April Childers, Executive Internship Teacher, is directing the training program for Floyd County Schools. Childers commented, "This is an excellent opportunity for our school system and teachers. The teachers are excited about our summer plans and look forward to working with Shorter professors throughout the next year."

Shorter and Floyd County have worked together for two years to provide this type of training for math educators thanks to a previous grant from the Department of Education. "When it came time to apply for an extension, we decided to include science as well because math and science are both areas of great need within our state," said Dr. Sandra Leslie, dean of Shorter University's School of Education and coordinator of the program at Shorter.

Dr. Leslie added that this type of training is a crucial need for school systems due to the state's new curriculum requirements, particularly in math. "The new requirements mean, for example, that someone who may have been teaching algebra for 20 years now also has to teach geometry, calculus and stats as a part of Math I, II, or III. That creates a huge demand for professional training. We are happy to partner with Floyd County Schools to make our faculty experts available to them. The grant allows us to have our faculty to serve, not only through the summer symposium sessions, but also as Professional Learning Community facilitators throughout the school year."

The grant was coauthored by Stephanie Graves, director of foundation relations at Shorter University, and Dr. Childers.