Rare Streak of Perfect Scores on Health Inspections
Two Floyd County Cafeterias Earn Rare Streak of Perfect Scores on Health Inspections
Posted on 11/03/2011

Health department ratings of restaurants have become a common method of selecting where we eat, and in many cases, where we do not eat these days. The ratings for local school food service should be reassuring to parents as Floyd County school nutrition departments are among the highest rated preparers of food in the area, according to listings from the Floyd County Health Department. At the top of the list for the last five rating periods in a row have been the cafeterias at Johnson Elementary and Model High School. Johnson and Model High have each earned five perfect scores of 100 in each of the last five school inspections. 

A quick scan of the Northwest Georgia Public Health website shows that ratings of 100 are difficult to come by for local eating establishments. You also learn from the score listings on the site that more than two 100 scores in a row are very difficult to achieve. Scanning the Health Department website reveals that the majority of locations earning the perfect score over the last five inspection periods are Floyd County Schools’ cafeterias. You will also learn that three or more is not common.

The accomplishment of five perfect scores in a row for Johnson and Model High is extremely rare. Lori Sanders, School Nutrition manager at Johnson Elementary, attributes the school nutrition staff’s success to teamwork and pride in serving children. “I have a wonderful cafeteria staff and everyone pulls together to make our program the best,” Sanders said. ”Everyone includes the school administrators, office staff, teachers, support staff, the custodial department, parents and most important, our children.” Jane Roaderick, School Nutrition manager at Model High agrees that teamwork is important. She added, “Knowing that we have support from everyone in the school builds the moral of the cafeteria staff and drives us to be the best we can be.”

Johnson Elementary was a national Blue Ribbon School of Excellence last year and the school leadership knows that every person in the school from teacher to custodian to the lunch ladies must be committed to excellence to attain that level of accomplishment. “A successful school nutrition program helps maximize a student's learning potential because a well fed, healthy child is alert and eager to learn,” stated LaDonna Turrentine, principal at Johnson Elementary. “A successful nutrition program certainly helps students concentrate and better process information which leads to higher academic achievement in the classroom.” Dr. Glenn White, principal of Model High sees the cafeteria as an extension of a successful school program. He said, “The school nutrition program is an important component of a successful school and is vital in helping our kids receive the quality education they need to provide a quality life for themselves after graduation.” 

Local health departments regularly conduct inspections to evaluate the performance of the food service facilities in each county in Georgia. These inspections cover a broad range of topics, such as food protection, temperature control, cleaning and sanitizing. School facilities are required to be inspected twice each year. “Our school managers are all nationally certified by ServSafe, a very prestigious national Accreditation for the safe serving of food, but most importantly, each one is proud to feed the children of our community,” stated Donna Carver, Director of School Nutrition for Floyd County School. “We are not just serving food, we know that we are providing safe and nutritious meals for our children and our school nutrition professionals take great pride in that.” 

In the past five inspections, Floyd County Schools has had four school cafeterias earn multiple perfect scores in a row. The list is led by Johnson Elementary and Model High with five in a row, Coosa High had three and Glenwood Primary earned two perfect scores.