School Calendar is approved
2012-2013 School Calendar is approved
Posted on 11/09/2011

The Floyd County Board of Education approved the 2012-2013 school calendar at their November meeting. The calendar adoption was the culmination of months of work with students, parents, and teachers. The calendar has many familiar elements of recent calendars but allows for later CRCT testing in 2013.

The process of calendar development began with a calendar draft being developed in July and presented to parents through the Superintendent's Advisory Committee, the Local School Governance Teams for each school, students through the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committees and to teachers through the Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Group. Suggestions from the groups were used to develop two calendar options that were then presented to teachers and members of the Local School Governance Teams in a survey.

Calendar option #2 was the clear favorite of those taking the calendar survey. Over 82% of those responding preferred calendar option #2. As result of this work with the groups served by the school system, the administration submitted calendar option #2 for board approval.

Calendar Features:

  • Moves the traditional September Teacher Planning Day to part of Christmas Break (Teacher Advisory Group suggestion)

  • Full week at Thanksgiving (Requested in many teacher responses and favored by students)

  • No partial weeks of instruction for Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks

  • Keeps the split weeks of Spring Break 

  • Moves CRCT to weeks of April 15 and April 22

The calendar also addresses two recommendations of the Local School Coordinating Council, which is the system representatives of the Local School Governance Teams that meet to share ideas and concerns. The recommendations were to move the CRCT testing dates to later in the state window to give teachers and students more time to prepare and to reduce the number of school days between the end of testing and the last day of school. The proposed calendar option will address both of the recommendations of the Local School Coordinating Council. The Local School Governance Teams are made up of teachers, parents and community leaders.

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