Youth Apprenticeship Program

Youth Apprenticeship Criteria

​The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a program that prepares high school students for technical and non-technical careers in industries such as health care, business, manufacturing and many others. This 3-6 year, industry-driven program incorporates work-based learning with school-based learning. The program enables students to experience "real world" work experiences related to their career goals.

Students must apply to participate in the program and must meet certain criteria as follows: 
  • Be classified as a junior or senior and at least 16 years of age. 
  • Must have successfully completed a minimum of one semester of classes related to the area in which student wishes to apprentice. 
  • Be working toward a tech prep, a college prep, or a vocational seal of endorsement. Students should be on track for graduation. 
  • Be willing to take a demanding sequence of high school and post-secondary courses that are related to their future employment in a specific career area. 
  • Must have an overall 80 GPA and an 86 GPA in major field of study (i.e. prerequisite classes). 
  • Be recommended by three teachers. 
  • Have 95% school attendance rate. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on an individual basis. 
  • Have a good attitude. 
  • Be motivated to succeed. 
  • Be willing to submit to a drug test, criminal background check, TB skin test, and Hepatitis B vaccine, as required. 
  • Be willing to complete post-secondary education/training.
  • Be willing to complete a minimum of 2000 hours of work-based training.