Sheriffs Department donates golf cart
Sheriffs Department donates golf cart for safe driving program
Posted on 01/29/2013

The Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) group at Pepperell High School are recognized statewide as students busy doing good things for other students.  This time the shoe is on the other foot.  In cooperation with the Pepperell High SADD Chapter, the Floyd County Sheriff Department has purchased a golf cart for the SADD students to use in their efforts to help their peers to understand the dangers of impaired driving.  SADD will use the cart in school demonstrations to allow teens to drive while wearing goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol and drugs on the sensory system.  The experience will let the students experience first hand what it is like to attempt to drive a car while impaired in a safe environment.  

The Floyd County Sheriff's Department will visit Pepperell on Thursday, January 31 at 10:00 a.m. to officially unveil the golf cart and explain the program.  Pepperell High School and the PHS SADD club appreciate the participation of Sheriff Tim Burkhalter and his department in this valuable high school program. 

The PHS SADD club has held a safe driving expo the last two years to educated high school students to the hazards of impaired driving.  The PHS students want to spread the dangers of texting and distracted driving, as well as, dangers teens expose themselves and others to while driving impaired by drugs or alcohol.