Community listening sessions continue at MHS
Community listening sessions continue at Model High on Thursday
Posted on 03/21/2012
​The Floyd County Board of Education and the Local School Governance Teams held their first community listening session on Tuesday evening at Armuchee High School. The board and the local governance groups are holding sessions in each high school community in the county in the next few weeks to help school leaders to gain a better perspective of the wishes of parents and the community regarding the future of our schools. The Armuchee meeting featured small group discussions led by members of the school governance teams to identify success, challenges and opportunities for our local schools and our school systems. Dan Hyde, a parent representing Armuchee High School reported that there were many positives about our local schools and that is why parents choose to have their children attend. He said, "Communication has been good at the school with information made available to parents through the school's automated calling system and emails from teachers to parents." All of the school representatives saw funding as a challenge in the short term for our schools. Opportunities included expanding the charter school system governance that includes parents, teachers and the community in the decision making process. The next meeting is scheduled for Model High School on Thursday at 6:30 PM. The meeting will start in the Model High School gym. 

These listening sessions are opportunities for parents and community members to discuss items of interest regarding our school system and the local schools with school leaders. Everyone is invited to attend the listening session planned. At these sessions, participants will discuss successes of our schools and what we do well, challenges that we face and areas we would like to improve and the opportunities that may be on the horizon for our school system and schools. 

The Local School Governance Teams for each school in the attendance area at the meeting will lead a small group discussion for their school community. The local schools participating in each meeting will be the schools that feed into the high schools in each attendance area. Each group will then report on their discussions to the Floyd County Board of Education at the end of the meeting. This will give the Local School Governance Team information they can use as they work to develop school improvement plans for their local school and provide the Board of Education with direction as they set policy for the school system. 

The Local School Governance Teams are made up of the school principal, two faculty members, two parents and two community leaders. The groups are the local school leadership teams designated as a part of the system’s move to a charter system governance structure. The members of each Local School Governance Team are to represent their constituents in the decision making process at the local school level. Board Listening Session meeting dates and locations.
  • Thursday March,22 – Model area 6:30 PM at Model High School
  • Tuesday, March 27 – Pepperell area 6:30 PM at Pepperell High School
  • Tuesday, April 10 – Coosa area 6:30 PM at Coosa High School
Attendance area and schools represented at each meeting:

Coosa area

  • Coosa High
  • Coosa Middle
  • Alto Park Elementary
  • Cave Spring Elementary
  • Garden Lakes Elementary
Model area
  • Model High 
  • Model Middle
  • Model Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary
  • The Floyd County Education Center
Pepperell area
  • Pepperell High
  • Pepperell Middle
  • Pepperell Elementary
  • Pepperell Primary
  • McHenry Primary
  • Midway Primary
  • Floyd County College & Career Academy