PHS graduate chases dreams in the Senate
Pepperell High graduate chases political dreams in the state Senate
Posted on 01/16/2013
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Aaron Morgan left high school at Pepperell with big dreams of a career in the world of politics.  Just a few short years later, he is getting a head start on his plans through an internship program offered by the University System of Georgia.  Morgan will spend the next few months working as a legislative aide in the state Senate.  

Morgan, a 20-year-old public policy major at Georgia Tech and a 2010 graduate of Pepperell High School, became interested in politics as a sophomore at Pepperell.  His interest developed into a career goal while still in high school.  He graduated at the top of his class and enrolled in Georgia Tech where he is right in the middle of the political scene near the state Capitol.  He will be in the thick of political debate over the next few months as he spends this legislative session working as an aide to Senator Fran Millar, a Republican from Atlanta.  Aides generally attend meetings, take notes at meetings, meet with constituents and do much of the leg-work that is required to get work accomplished during a legislative session.  

This week, Morgan was given his committee assignments. He was very interested in education entering the program and hoped to get placed on the Education committee.   He got his wish as he has been assigned to work with the Retirement and Education committees.  Both of his parents are educators so education is of great personal interest to him. Morgan wants to give educators more of a voice and demonstrate how decisions made at the state level impact those in the classroom.  Morgan said,  "I know the state's budget has taken a bad turn but you have to be mindful of the impact you have."

Morgan plans to attend law school after graduation from Georgia Tech.  He would like to practice law for a few years before moving into the field of political consulting.  Morgan does not plan to run for office in the political arena but would prefer to work with political campaigns behind the scenes.  He said,"I prefer working in the background to help people get elected."