Pepperell High School

Pepperell High School is a school that serves grades 9-12. Along with the other Pepperell Schools, the high school gained its name from Pepperell Manufacturing Company which was once located in the area. The mill expressed great interest in the local school system and often played a roll in funding and coming up with ideas to promote the Pepperell schools and the community. Renamed Greenwood Mills, a producer of denim, it provided the majority of jobs in the Lindale area until it was downsized in late 1999. 

Due to overcrowding at the old high school, many classes were taught in modular units. A new school was able to be built with funding from SPLOST II. The doors opened in the fall of 2006 to students. The new $26 million Pepperell High was constructed on the site of the old school which was built in the early 1950’s. The new two-story, 185,000 square foot high school was built to handle growth in the community and provide an attractive learning atmosphere for the young people of Pepperell.

Pepperell High (1)

Pepperell High (SPLOST 2)