McHenry School

McHenry Primary was founded by Mrs. Mamie McHenry in 1906, and was first named Mobley Park Elementary. McHenry School was the result of Mrs. McHenry combining the Mobley School and the a small population of children from the east end of a neighboring school district at a central location as advised by the Board of Education. A year after opening it was renamed McHenry Elementary School in honor of its very first teacher. The original site of the school was located on Highway 27 South. 

The school was moved in 1934 a quarter-mile southwest to its present location. The school became a high school in the early 1940’s and was changed to a junior high in 1951. In the fall of 1958 the school returned to its beginning as an elementary school serving students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. In the beginning of the 1998 school year, McHenry became a primary school, serving pre-school through 3rd grade. Construction of the current school began in the summer of 1972 and a new wing was added in 1992. 

McHenry (1)

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