Model Middle School

Model Middle, like the other Model Schools, gains its name from a Georgia Legislature resolution to create a "model" school in each of the state's congressional districts. Through the efforts of the Board of Education and the Rome Chapter of Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs, the model school was established in 1901. 

The first model school was built at the intersection of Calhoun Road and New Hermitage Road. It consisted of 3 buildings. The school was divided into primary, grammar, and high school levels.

One of the objectives of the initial Georgia Legislature resolution was to consolidate all one room schoolhouses into singular, larger schools, which was nearly impossible due to the early 1900's transportation. By the 1920's bus transportation became available and by 1922, Mrs. Clement, the Model principal at the time had effectively consolidated all the schools in what was then titled "Watters District."

Due to an increase in the population of the schools a new facility was needed. After the new building was built and old one demolished, the new school was referred to as "the second" Model school.

In 1969, Model Elementary and Model High School were administratively separated. The elementary school was made up of grades 1-8 while the High School served students in grade 9-12. 

The middle school was housed in a wing of the Model High School until a new facility was constructed in 2002.

The Model Middle School building is newly built (2002). Coosa and Armuchee Middle Schools are similar in design. 

Model Middle