Model High School

The original Model school was built in 1900 after a Mr. W.T. Watters donated a three-acre tract of land to Floyd County Schools. This school was originally named Watter's Academy. Model gained its names from the Georgia Legislature's resolution to create and build in each congressional district a "model" school. In addition to basic subjects, home economics and industrial arts were to be added to the school's curriculum.

The school consisted of three buildings, a classroom building, a shop, and a dormitory for students who could come from any part of the district. The dormitory consisted of 2 basement classrooms, the principal's living quarters on the main floor, and the third floor consisted of teacher living quarters as well as boarding students. By the 1920's the school population had outgrown its facility. A new tract of land had been donated and a newer, better school was constructed and later opened in 1929. Through the years modifications were made to the building and to the academic program. In the 1940's music instruction was made available to students.

In 1957 a band and elementary physical education building was constructed adjacent to the gym. Until the 1940's, Model only consisted of eleven grades. A 12th grade was added in the late 1940's. In 1969, Model School was separated into two separate schools, Model Elementary School and Model High School. By the 1970's, enrollment increased and additional facilities were required.

Yet again, a new school was built to accommodate 800 students and a 1,000 seat auditorium was constructed. The project cost an estimated 2.5 million. This new facility opened in the 1974 -1975 school year. 

Construction on a new complex is underway to replace the now outdated facility.

Model High

Model Teacher Dormitories
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