Johnson Elementary School

The first Johnson School was taught by John A. Johnson in pre-civil war days at his home on Morrison Campground Road. In the late 1940’s it served up to 7th grade and had progressed to having a shop and home economics class. 

It served as a high school in 1947, and graduated a 12th grade class in 1952. In the 1965-1966 school year, 9th-12th grades merged with Model High School, changing Johnson into a Junior High School. Students in junior high were sent to Model Middle School in 1987 and Johnson became an elementary school. 

The current Johnson Elementary School facility was opened in 2001. Many students at Johnson are third and fourth generation of families that have attended the Johnson School. With these families, and new families moving in, the school grows by approximately one class size each year.

On the right: John Vaughn, first African American to serve as school principal and assistant principal in the integrated Floyd County School System. He retired from the school system as principal of Johnson School. 

Johnson Elementary

Johnson School Bus

John Vaughn