Garden Lakes Elementary

The community of Garden Lakes is located just outside the city limits of Rome. Once having the distinction of being the largest subdivision in America, Garden Lakes has always had a strong sense of community. The subdivision was developed for workers at the General Electric plant just down the road from the school created in 1956. Garden Lakes School was originally configured as a school for grades one through eight. Garden Lakes retained this grade configuration until Coosa Middle School opened. The school was then reconfigured to serve grades one through five. With the abundance of extra space created by the departure of the middle grades, Garden Lakes Elementary became host to Floyd County and Rome City special education students. 

Since being built in the 1950’s, the school has had extensive renovations including new wiring, new plumbing, and upgraded lunchroom and kitchen, as well as a science lab. A new entryway and an improved school office were also added.

Garden Lakes