Fairview School

Fairview School was a one room schoolhouse served as a county school from 1924 to 1968. It served young black children in its close vicinity. The name of the school was later changed to E. S. Brown School in May of 1954 in honor of a former principal. The school was closed in 1968 and the students were sent to either the Cave Spring School or the Coosa School. The school building is currently located just off of Padlock Mountain Road about a quarter mile from downtown Cave Spring. 

The Fairview and E.S. Brown Heritage Corporation has been formed to preserve the history of the schools. According to information from the foundation, the Fairview School started at Cosmopolitan United Methodist Church in Cave Spring. At the turn of the century, the Rev. Frederick Gordon was assigned to the church and was pastor. He also became the first principal of the school. At that time, the school was called the Cave Spring Colored School.

Julius Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington, chief executive officer for Sears Roebuck worked together to build hundreds of schools across the Southeast for black students in small communities also played a part in the history of Fairview. In 1924, the foundation formed by the two built a school in Cave Spring with matching funds from the Floyd County Board of Education. The local board approved $4,500 to build the three-room structure.

Joshua B. Atwater was the first principal of the actual Fairview School between 1925 and 1928. During an 18 year period, six outlying schools moved their students to Fairview. The Morton Bend and Livingston schools in the Coosa area, Six Mile and Flat Rock schools near where Georgia Highlands College is located today, and Chubbtown all moved their students to Fairview.

Alvin Chubb, an advocate for black students in Floyd County, altered a Ford Model T truck to make a bus to transport students to school. 

During Governor Herman Talmadge's administration, a new school was built at Fairview between 1954 and 1955. 

The school was renamed E.S. Brown to honor Edward S. Brown, a distinguished teacher and principal. He was principal at the school from 1936 to 1948.

Other principals at Fairview and E.S. Brown included William Slaughter, Otis Boddy (1948 - 1950), and Eugene Webster Perdue (1952 - 1957).

Those interested in helping preserve the history of this school may contact the foundation at: Fairview - E. S. Brown, 3 Central Plaza, Rome, Georgia 30165. The group also has a website.

This information was developed from board meeting records, information provided by the Fairview and E.S. Brown Heritage Corporation and from news articles on the group from the Rome News Tribune. 

Fairview School