Armuchee High School

The name "Armuchee" comes from a variation of the name "Am-ma-choo", who was an old Indian Warrior protected by a land grant in an 1817 treaty for service rendered to Andrew Jackson in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

In 1938 the Board of Education felt it necessary to consolidate many of the smaller schools in the area into one complete unit. Armuchee was the chosen site. Later that year a basic building was built to serve as the school. In 1941 another building was built to serve as a high school. 

After 10 years, new facilities were needed. This new facility, due to quick expansion of the Armuchee area, grew too small and again -after numerous renovations- a new school was again built. The new and current facility was constructed, and opened in 1982. The school has changed little since its construction. 

Armuchee High (1)

Armuchee High (2)