Third graders create habitats in the classroom
McHenry Primary third-graders create habitats in the classroom
Posted on 04/20/2012
This is the image for the news article titled McHenry Primary third-graders create habitats in the classroomPhoto: Oshauna Finch and Elizabeth Clay teach a class on the rain forest

Third grade children at McHenry Primary cleared their desks and created habitats in their classrooms to help teach other children at the school about habitats. Mrs. Clay's class created a rain forest, Mrs. Harwell's turned their classroom into a desert and Mrs. Grogan's class became an ocean. To culminate the habitat units, the third graders became teachers for the rest of the school. Other classes at McHenry Primary took a "field trip" to visit each habitat located right there in their school. 

Students worked diligently over a two week period learning all about their habitat. The children researched and wrote information articles about the animals in their habitat in preparation to teach others about another part of our world. The articles depicted the different adaptations and behaviors associated with the particular animal the students in the class had chosen for their habitat. The young learners also used the social studies standards they are required to master in third grade as they developed their presentations. The students not only taught others but mastered requirements they are to learn in third grade as well. Students created different aspects of the environment to display, such as: Venus Fly Traps, butterflies, paper mache animals, flowers, and cacti. 

McHenry teachers were thrilled with the enthusiasm demonstrated by the young teachers and learners. "It was a definite fantastic memory for all involved," said Michelle Clay, a third grade teacher at McHenry.