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Christy Davis collecting Legos
Teacher seeks to use Legos to build a bridge between U.S. and Cuba
Posted on 12/09/2016
Legos have been used by children to build a lot of interesting construction projects over the years but a Floyd County teacher is hoping to use the kid's building toy to forge the gulf between the people of the United States and Cuba. The Legos would not form a physical bridge to the island country but would be a symbolic connection to a new generation to affect change. Christy Davis, a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Pepperell Middle School, is collecting Legos to send to Cuba for children in the barrio to use in creative play. "We have to help the next generation to see their own potential to make creative changes," stated Davis. "This is a great start to that process."  READ MORE...
Snowmen on display at local Starbucks
Pepperell Primary Snowmen on Parade at local Starbucks
Posted on 12/01/2016
You would not think that hot coffee and snowmen would go together very well but Pepperell Primary kindergarten children and a local Starbucks are proving them to be a great combination. If you visit the Starbucks on Riverside Parkway in Rome during the month of December, you will see "Snowmen on Parade." The snowmen are the creations of kindergarten children at Pepperell Primary School in Lindale. The snowmen were created in Melissa Harvil's art class at Pepperell Primary.  READ MORE...
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