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Math Nation Direction for Middle and High School Students

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K-8 Parents Look For the Following in Your Binders:

1. Module Tabs that will include resources for each module including, homework sheets, classwork/problem sets, key vocabulary, problem set solutions, and complete lesson plans for each lesson in the module.

2. Homework help sheets and videos include teacher-led discussion of sample homework problems.  This tab is mint green in color.

3. Parent math resources odd homework solutions tab is yellow and contains solutions to most odd problems in homework assignments.

K-8 Tip Sheet for Navigating Resources

High School Binders are organized by course and include videos and other resources for your child's math class.  Coordinate Algebra and Analytic Geometry binders include a "Notes and Warm-Ups" tab that contains PowerPoint notes for every lesson in the class.  There is also a tab for End of Course Test review items.

Please email Jennifer White at if you have questions about these resources.