Parent Candidates for LSGTs
Updated: 8/7/2015

ARMUCHEE Elementary


Armuchee Middle

Robin Brickey
My name is Robin Brickey.  I am the mother of 5 beautiful children.  2 of my children are grown.  My youngest 3 children attend Armuchee Middle School.  For the past two years I served on Armuchee Elementary's LSGT.  I love to serve our community and play a part in our children's education!
Jan Leonard
My name is Jan Leonard.  I am currently the parent of an Armuchee Middle School (AMS) 6th grade student and an Armuchee High School 11th grade student.  My children have been in the Floyd County School System since Pre-K.  As a parent, I have been pleased with the education, extra-curricular activities, sports and services that have been offered to the children in our community.  I would like to see these opportunities continue in the future.  It is for this reason that I wish to serve on the Armuchee Middle Local School Governance Team (LSGT).  My goal would be to work with the principal, staff and other LSGT team members to provide the best possible learning environment for our students so that they may excel and succeed in school and in life.  One of my favorite quotes is by Andy Stanley when he states, "Direction, NOT intention, determines your destination."  If chosen, I would like to dedicate my service and time to ensuring that we are on the best path for AMS.


Cave Spring Elementary:  

Misty Mills

Misty Mills currently has two children at Cave Spring Elementary.  One in the 5th grade and one in 3rd grade.  She was secretary of the PTO for the past two years. She is very involved in the school and would love the opportunity to serve on the Governance Team.  Mills wrote in her application, "I believe parent involvement is a key to our children’s education."

Michelle Mink

Michelle is a parent of two children at Cave Spring Elementary.  She wrote in her application, "I feel the Local School Governance Team provides the perfect opportunity to become more involved in this crucial time in their lives.  I have been very pleased so far with the level of education provided at Cave Spring, but like most parents, would like to take on a more active role."  Michelle is currently a stay-at-home mom.  She also wrote, "For the first time in my children’s lives I am in a position to take on a more hands-on role in their education.  I look forward to hopefully adding something to the dialogue of the meetings."



Coosa High




Model Middle:



Pepperell Elementary

Melissa Allen

I have a passion for education and believe that it is important to help ensure that all children receive a quality education. In order to achieve that, it is essential to have a partnership between our teachers, administrators and parents.

This partnership can help drive continuous performance in our schools while reinforcing the tools and ideas that will support our children on their journey to graduation: training and support for teachers, tools and support for parents, as well as innovation and technology in the classroom.   

My husband and I are parents to two daughters (rising eighth graders at Pepperell Middle School) and to one son (rising third grader at Pepperell Elementary School). I am a marketing and communications professional with over 20 years experience and have held positions with companies ranging from a museum, to a fund-raising event based organization, to a community center that housed a preschool, after school programs, summer camps, senior center and fitness centers. I have taught and mentored children in various grades for religious education programs, volunteered in Girl Scouts, served in numerous classes as class mom and volunteer, as well as home-schooled my children. Currently I am a Cub Scout Den Leader with Pack 1.

I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the Local School Governance Team and work with our parents, teachers and administrators to ensure our commitment to our children continues.

Jamie Hutcheson
I have worked at Henderson & Son's Funeral Home for 15 years.  My daughter is in the 4th grade at PES.  I want to help make PES the best it can be.  I previously served on the LSGT at Pepperell Primary for 2 years.  

Pepperell Middle: