Business Partners in Education
This program is designed to create voluntary partnerships between businesses, communities, schools and/or the school system in order to develop a more prosperous community. The community prospers when it provides opportunities to learn, teach, help, and support one another.

A Business/Education Partnership promotes:
  • Higher student achievement
  • Closer community ties to the schools
  • A better educated work-force
  • Active involvement in education from community organizations
  • Economic development
  • Social and economic growth and development
  • A feeling of community acceptance
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Encouragement of volunteering
Floyd County Schools appreciates all voluntary contributions from the partnerships of the businesses and organizations that help in building stronger and prosperous communities. Participants in this program chose to be partners for the benefit of children.

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If you are interested in becoming a Partner in Education, you can:
  • Contact Tim Hensley, Assistant to the Superintendent, at 706-234-1031 ext.7121
  • Submit an Inquiry form - PIE Inquiry Form
  • or Contact the school of your choice (School Contact List)