FCS Awarded $466K "Connections for Classrooms" Grant
FCS Awarded $466K "Connections for Classrooms" Grant
Posted on 01/19/2018
Floyd County Schools has received official notification from the Governor's Office of Student Achievement that we have earned 100% funding for a total of $466,650 "Connections for Classrooms" Grant! Craig Ellison, Executive Director of Technology, worked with several members of his department starting in mid-October to gather data, develop an implementation plan, and write the grant application.

“As we started working on the grant, I talked with my leadership team about the realistic amounts we might receive due to having already earned $520,175 from three previous eligible rounds.” stated Ellison.

The money is required to be spent on eligible digital devices. Floyd County Schools digital device of choice is a Google Chromebook. Ellison went on further to say that the money should allow FCS to complete the 1:1 Chromebook project including buying new devices for schools, providing backup devices for schools, and replacing some older devices that are soon to reach end of life.

Over the past three years, the Board of Education has helped fund and support the 1:1 project in conjunction with funding provided by Connections for Classrooms Grant. Chromebooks are used in classrooms across the district to support all facets of instruction. Ryan White, Instructional Technology Coordinator said he is excited to see more devices in the classroom being used as transformational tools in innovative ways by our dedicated teachers.
Coosa Middle School students hard at work, using their Chromebooks. CMS is a 1:1 school!
Coosa Middle School students showing off their nice-looking Chromebook bags!