Floyd County Schools’ Kaleidoscope Presents International Day
Floyd County Schools’ Kaleidoscope Presents International Day
Posted on 10/16/2017
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Approximately 450 Floyd County Schools (FCS) elementary gifted students “traveled around the world” during their “International Day” which was held on Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13 at Georgia Highlands Lakeview Building!

As a part of the elementary gifted students “Caravans” unit, the elementary students rotated through nine different stations where each station highlighted a country.  A guest speaker native to that country, a person who has traveled to that country or a FCS Gifted Teacher was at each station demonstrating crafts, showing photos of famous landmarks, and guiding the children in making something that reflected the country’s culture. The students explored and learned about cultures in Ireland, Mexico, Australia, France, Africa, China, South Africa, and Japan, as well as gaining overall geographical knowledge at the “Perspectives of the World” station. 
The rotation leaders were Mrs. Carol Estes, Mrs. Anna Campbell, Mrs. Crissy Arrington, Mrs. Jessica Goss, Mrs. Alicia Henson, Mrs. Lindsey Barcomb, Mrs. Angie Yancey, Mrs. Judy Roebuck, Ms. Sharon Harwood, and Mrs. Hiroyo Askew. The first, second and third grade gifted students attended on Thursday, October 12 and the fourth and fifth grade gifted students attended on Friday, October 13. The event took place at Georgia Highlands Lakeview Building. 

“We are so pleased to have several volunteers to lead each station and community leaders such as Georgia Highlands who so graciously allow us to use their facilities for this event! Chili’s Bar & Grill was also very helpful and kind to donate bags for our students to keep their items made from each station!” said Mrs. Allison Espy, International Day Event Chairperson.

Students learned music, dances, crafts, etc. from the different cultures and took home all items made at each station.  Students rotated through five stations in the morning and four stations after lunch.  At the end of each day, there was a celebration as the students have “traveled the world” and learned many things about the different cultures and customs of the different countries.   

See photos here:  Thursday and Friday
(Story contributed by Judy Roebuck)