Directions for Entering Activities in PDExpress

How to enter Activities:

Activities are conferences, workshops, and trainings (including RESA classes) conducted by outside agencies. Entering an activity in PDExpress does not register you for that workshop or conference, it is merely a documentation, accountability tool of your professional learning. You register for your activities with the agency providing the activity; RESA for example. Make sure you have discussed your intentions and gotten approval from your administrator or supervisor prior to registering.

Use your registration document to guide you with the steps in PDExpress:

  1. After logging in. select Request Activities

  2. In the first pop up box, the current school year has already been entered. Do not change it. Next to Type click on the dropdown box (down arrow) to select an option most closely associated with the activity you are going to attend. Next to Description enter the exact name of the training you are attending.

  3. Click Next

  4. Most of the information requested will be on your registration confirmation or registration form.

    1. Title- already filled in but you can change it if it is not correct

    2. Description- one or two sentences are fine

    3. Activity Type- already filled in

    4. Date of Activity- use the dropdown box. touch arrow(>) to move months. Click on the FIRST day of the training to enter.

    5. Objectives- a general sentence or two.

    6. Registration- List the cost. If there is no cost, enter 0.

    7. Lodging, Travel, Food, Other- only enter a cost if you will be reimbursed. These are estimates.

    8. Total Requests- List the total cost. If there is no cost enter 0.

    9. System Benefit- a general sentence is fine.

  5. Click Submit for Review

  6. You will be transferred to another page. If the information is correct, click Save and then Close.

  7. You will receive an email as to whether or not you are approved.

  8. Log back in to PDExpress and print a copy of your activity proposal. Click on the activity you proposed under your activity list and print.

  9. Provide a copy of your PDExpress proposal, registration and ED Leave form to you administrator, or what ever documentation your administrator requires.