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Floyd County Schools' Gifted Education mission is to "Create Global Thinkers for a Global World" in their Destination to Graduation!
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Floyd County Schools provide a variety of programming options for students in grades K-12 who have been identified as gifted using the criteria found in State Board of Education Rule 160-4-2-.38 EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR GIFTED STUDENTS and GADOE Gifted Resource Manual.

For More Information Contact:
McCall Govignon- Director of Advanced Academics or (706)234-1031 x7155

Notification of Assurance of Access:
Assurance of Access

Elementary Gifted Education Program Description

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Middle School Continuation Criteria

High School Gifted Education Program Description

High School Gifted Education Continuation Criteria

Honors Program

Middle School Honors Program:Students will apply in the winter of 5th grade.

The Floyd County Schools Middle School Honors Program is an educational choice that prepares middle school students for the rigor of high school and college work.  Students will be presented with the discipline of pre-Advanced Placement (AP) classes along with enhanced learning experiences focusing on critical thinking skills, research work, experiential learning, and service learning.

This is NOT a pull-out program but an Advanced Content/cluster delivery model. Honors classes meet every day, students may have four honors classes a day.9th Grade Literature, Algebra I, Spanish I and Physical Science are offered in the 8th grade will count as high school CORE credit.


High School Honors Program:Students will apply in November/December of 8th grade.

A system-wide grading procedure is implanted for the program. Students will graduate with a locally developed Honors seal if they have accumulated a minimum of 12 Honors and/or AP credits. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of one HP or AP class each year of their high school career. To earn the HP Seal on their diploma, students will complete an Honors Project their senior year. Any exception to this requirement must be approved by superintendent or superintendent’s designee.

  • Middle School Classes- ELA. Math and Science will count as core high school credit. This will count towards 12 units for the Honors Seal. Please be aware that this grade will be calculated into your transcript GPA and will affect your class ranking, honors/awards, scholarships and valedictorian and salutatorian standing.
  • Modern Language/Latin- Foreign Languages will count as HP credit in Year 3, Year 4 and/or AP. Year 1 and Year 2 of a Foreign Language do not count as HP credit.
  • Executive Internship will count towards the 12 units for Honors Seal.
  • College and Career Academy will offer honors courses for their Engineering/Robotics Program, Graphics Communication and Pre-Med Program.
  • HP Senior Project- Students will complete a final senior project that will be based on Service Learning and Academics. It will be a two-year-long project with a culminating presentation. Each student will have a mentor for advisement during the process.

Honors Program Video for Floyd County Schools

High School Honors Application
Honors Program Application Workshop for Parents and Students