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Charter System status gives the Floyd County School system freedom from many state rules and regulations in exchange for the system’s agreement to increase academic achievement by students. It is important to note that charter status does not free the school system from all rules and regulations.  We will still be required to observe any rule or regulation tied to the determination of federal AYP status.  The system now enjoys many of the freedoms that have helped to make the system’s new charter school, the Floyd County Schools College & Career Academy, a model of excellence for the state. The system would be able to structure the local education program to meet the needs or our students and our community instead of having to comply with rigid state mandates that may not be in the best interest of our children.  Charter also focuses on local control and decision making at the local system and school level.  Charter systems are required to include the community and schools in the decision making process.  Floyd County does this through Local School Governance teams in each school community.
(See Local School Governance)

Examples of what we can do:

The system can adjust the school calendar, student scheduling, seat time required by students to get class credit or rigid graduation requirements that may not fit the needs of all students. 

Example of what we can’t do:

An item the system would not be able to alter would be state standardized testing. The CRCT tests are used in the federal AYP determination and could not be changed.

Renewal of Charter System Contract

The first years of charter have gone by quickly.  It is now time to submit for renewal of charter system status.  The Local School Governance Teams for each school had two members participate on the Charter Renewal Committee.  The group has worked for more than 10 months on a charter renewal document.  The group split into sub-committees and studied other charters around the state for ideas in governance, waivers from state regulation and innovation.  The resulting work has culminated in the development of the Charter Application for Renewal.  You may view the application draft at the link below:

Charter Application for Renewal 2014
Charter Application Matrix for Local Governance
Charter Application Matrix for Waivers from state regulation

The system will hold public hearings on charter renewal on:

Public Hearings for Charter Renewal
Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 5 p.m.
Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 3 p.m.

Charter System Process